Ape to man series…amazing!

November 4, 2011 at 7:24 pm (video research archive)

I’ve learned some mind blowing stuff from this!  I’ll post my notes beneath these videos when I’ve watched it all











1) It’s estimated that there were 300,000 generations from our common ancestor with the apes to get to the present generation…me and you.

2) The Neanderthal man was just 3,000 generations behind us

3) ‘Java man’ fossil discovered. one to one and a half million years old. He was a homo erectus. At this point, hair was disappearing from their bodies sweat glands were developing, less need to pant, opening for language

4) Leg bone found along with this skull. It has been broken but had healed. This suggested that homo erectus lived in tribes and helped each other out…worked together.

5) Harnessing of fire..this was a huge step towards our evolution. No other animal had ever done this since.

6) 1920’s discovered skull of baby ape-man skull in rock…taung child

7) Lucy a fossilised skeleton in Ethiopia

8) Aferenis…first ape man to walk upright. He was before erectus.

9) Neanderthal dna…different human species to us…what does that mean? That there were two branches of human species?


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