This is the new way I’m going to comment on the documentaries I’ve watched…

December 5, 2011 at 4:30 pm (video research archive)

I’m constantly watching new ones, I download them from YouTube and watch them on vlc player. There’s little point in me linking each section of each one to my blog as well. If you guys want to watch them, that’s great; I’ll give you the names of each one I’ve watched. I’ve been taking notes of each new thing I learn from each one and will upload them as a pdf after this list  if anyone wants to read that. These notes are now photocopied and stuck up on my book notes wall in my house to help me figure out the specific topics I want to discuss in my book so they’ve been of great use to me.

Below are the list of documentaries I’ve watched and taken notes from to date:

1) Aftermath – Population Zero

2) Human Instinct – Natural born heroes

3) Through the Wormhole – Is there a creator?

4) Secret life of your bodyclock

5) Stone Age Apocalypse

6) The Human family tree

7) The real neanderthal man

8) Through the wormhole – Can we live forever?

9) Through the wormhole – What are we really made of?

10) Is there life after death?

11) Why we believe in Gods

12) The human face

13) Phages, the virus that cures

14) The future of life on earth

15) The day I died

16) Do you want to live forever?

17) The brain –  a secret history

18) Why reading matters

19) Don’t grow old

20)Through the wormhole – what happened before the beginning?

21) From big bang to man

22) Neanderthal – Planet of the apemen

23)Playing God

24) Einstein’s equation of life and death

25) Drain the Ocean

26) Reality and the extended mind

27) The amber time machine

28) Is it real? Super human powers

29) National geographic – extraordinary humans

30) Pleasure and pain


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